What we’re working on now


This  1966 Beetle is in for a full body-off restoration.


This ’63 Beetle is also in for a full body-off restoration.


This ’69 Baja Bug is in for a restoration.


And longtime client Jim Graham has brought his ’70 Baja in for a load of upgrades, which he said was cool to list:

  • Doghouse shroud and oil cooler
  • Headliner, carpet kit and sound deadening
  • 16 gallon gas tank modified to mount spare tire and jack
  • Install Black Mamba shifter
  • 3 point Seat belts
  • Install heater
  • Powder coating front/rear bumpers, roof rack, new metal hood latches
  • New window rubber as needed
  • H4 LED bulbs
  • Five new LED off road lights.
  • New seats
  • Chrome handbrake
  • Get speedo working
  • Rubber mats for carpet
  • Install six Kartek LED switches,
  • Get oil light working
  • Add cigarette lighter plug (for my smokes)
  • Get horn working
  • Check front brakes (they make a “clunk” sound when applied. Repair.
  • Lubricate driver’s side key lock
  • Leave wiring for stereo under carpet (or wherever it is), no need to reinstall speakers (I might reuse them but I’ll be taking the car to a local stereo place to get a new unit installed).
  • Hunt down short in brake lighrts
  • New windshield
  • New fender
  • Paint hood and fenders


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