BangShift feature on WMS Class 11!

This Class 11 Baja Bug Is The Toughest Vehicle At The 2015 SEMA Show – Here’s Why

The little car sits among a veritable garden of massive, lifted four by four trucks. It is a funny sight at first and if we could turn real life into the movie “Cars” those big trucks would all be looking at the little VW bug with a nervous eye. Why would vehicles that could literally back over this little car have any sort of fear or respect towards it? Class 11, that’s why.

This little car competes in the most brutal form of long course off road racing known to man. The Class 11 category at Baja is limited to stock VW Bugs and when we say stock we mean it. The rule book is hilariously thin for these things. Stock brakes, stock 1600cc displacement, stock single or dual port heads, stock single or dual carbs, etc. The suspension is required to be largely stock with a couple of caveats. Torsion bars can be modified to give more ground clearance. Shocks can be moved within 2″ of factory location, no bypass shocks, etc. Body must be a stock Type 1 Bug. Stock Type 1 transmissions only with four forward gears, an open differentia(!), and a 4.12 ring and pinion. The things make like 70hp all in.

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